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Momentum Art

I was born early in the morning on one of the cold days of winter in 1982. That’s why I love Sunrise more, we both appeared together hand in hand to appreciate art, the art of living. I had normal childhood days like any other kid in my city, lying down under the sunshine by the sea, imagining myself grown enough to act like my parents to pick up their exact job and cultivate my skills to be an adult.

While I was getting older realized that I had my own personal life acting exactly like me. I wanted to follow my passion which was art, especially product photography as well as enjoy travelling. I started to pack and travel around the world to see cultures and get inspired by diverse cultures. I met a lot of artists, I learned from their lighting techniques and could combine them with my knowledge of product photography services. I spent a lot of money learning lighting techniques and product photography in each country I travelled to.

Two years ago while I was happy and certain about everything in my life and planning every tiny detail about my future, I was diagnosed with cancer which was not in my schedule. At first, I got sad and hopeless then I remembered I am not alone in this battle, I had years of fine art with me. I asked Art can you help me feel well regardless of my pain?
And I heard the answer loudly “YES I DO.” as if it was waiting for this day and I had learned photography to capture these photos, photos of the bodies.
The bodies have been through a long treatment, affected by cancer, the bodies which have cancer footsteps on them, I started to take pictures of the people who have lost their confidence due to the scars under surgery or lost their hair due to the chemo treatment and tried to give them back their confidence by showcasing a beautiful footstep of cancer on their body and hold the beautiful visual photography exhibition here on Mahroo Bordbar website.

When I started modelling photography, I could see the fear in the model’s eyes I knew that fear, I already had that one, and I was one of them. I started to talk with them about their feelings, about how they felt to be a model and they laughed. I asked them if they still loved their bodies, and I tried to show them again their bodies through my camera lenses while I was discussing with them the better poses and better lighting if they had to change their poses or if I had to move my photography equipment or camera for a better result. They started to open up and told me they never looked at the empty space on their breast on their body or if they saw that they couldn’t stop crying still then and at that moment they saw themselves watching their body on camera and enjoyed it, Yes art had done its duty once more in my life, I could share the joy of modelling and beauty photography with all beautiful models with the scar of cancer on their body.

Unbelievably, models never wanted to call a session and they did want photography shooting lasts forever, it could have been non-ending photo shooting and the never-ending joy of visual art. Their eyes sparked again and got back on the good term with their body, and me happier than ever. I had done my mission and brought a smile to someone’s face.



Summer 2020


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