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I was born early in the morning on one of the cold days of winter in 1982. That’s why I love sun rise more ,we both appeared together hand in hand.I had normal childhood days like other kids in my city imagined myself grown enough to act like my parents .while I was getting older realized that I have my own personal life acting exactly like me. I’ve majored in photography at art university .it’s been 19 years since the first day I dedicated my life to Art especially photography. 2 years ago while I was happy and certain about every thing in my life ,planning the future ,I was diagnosed with cancer which was not in my schedule.every things changed for good .I asked art can you help me feel well regardless of my pains ? Do u want to pay off your debts ? And I heard it answered loudly YES I DO .sounds as if it was waiting for this day and I had learned photography to capture these photos ,photos of body . The body has been through long treatment ,affected by cancer ,the bodies which has cancer foot steps on them.

Mahroo Bordbar
Summer 2020

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